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Don't Let Your Dog's Behavior Problems Control Your Life. Inclined Canine Academy's Professional Dog Trainers Can Help You Achieve Peace of Mind.


These programs ​​allow for personalized attention and training, which can be tailored specifically to the individual needs and personality of the dog. Private lessons provide the opportunity for one-on-one communication between the owner and the trainer, which can help to strengthen the bond between the two and ultimately result in better behavior from your dog.

Board and Train

Our programs provide training and socialization for dogs, which can be difficult to achieve in a home environment. Dogs in our board and train programs receive one-on-one attention from professional trainers, who can quickly identify and address behavioral issues, and work to improve obedience and manners. Dogs return to their owners with improved behavior and obedience, making the transition back into the home environment smoother and less stressful. 

We Can Help You Overcome Any Dog Training Challenge, from Obedience to Behavioral Issues


Excessive Barking


Counter Surfing

Separation Anxiety

Fearful Behavior

Resource Guarding

Dog Aggression


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