Santa Clara County Dog Owners,

Get Your
Free Transformation Session!

It's Like Nothing You've Ever Experienced Before!


Santa Clara County Dog Owners,

Get Your FREE

Free Transformation Session!

It's Like Nothing You've Ever Experienced Before!

What You Get For FREE When You Sign Up:


We'll Discuss Your Dog's Current Behavior Issues & Temperament

Report Of Findings

We will share our findings of why or what is causing your dog's problematic or unwanted behavior.

First Training Lesson

We will start working with you and your dog during this meeting to demonstrate our training approach.

Are you embarrassed or frustrated by your dog's behavior?

Does your dog refuse to listen to commands with distractions?

Is it impossible to walk them in public without pulling, lunging, or barking at other dogs/people?

Do you avoid having company over because your dog barks at and jumps all over your guests?

Does your dog get protective and aggressive towards other dogs or even humans when they get close to you?

Maybe your dog is usually good, but you want better obedience so that you can do all the things that you imagined when you got your pup...

to ANY of these questions... it's time to get professional help from Inclined Canine Academy!

Here's why...

First, we aren't like any other dog training or dog behavior business. Our programs are completely customized based on your dog's current situation, and your relationship/behavior goals with them.

In fact, we won't recommend a course of action, until we actually get to evaluate your dog in-person and learn more about what is causing the problematic or unwanted behaviors. Every dog is different, therefore every dog should be trained differently!

Second, all of our programs come with a year of unlimited group classes!

Group classes help proof all of the new skills and behaviors your dog is learning, as well as socialize your pup with other trained and well-mannered dogs...while being supervised by a professional dog trainer!

have already tried another trainer before...

Even if you have brought your dog to a veterinarian behavioral specialist...

Even if you feel like your dog is untrainable...

...I don't want you to give up hope just yet!

Instead, I want you to imagine what life would be like with a dog that listens, is confident, and obedient.

It is possible...seriously!

We just need to understand what is causing your dog's problematic behavior first, so that we can create a clear line of communication.

And the best part...we can get started FOR FREE!


Private Lessons

Want to reach your Full Potential? Schedule a one-on-one training class for you and your dog in your home. We offer basic and advanced obedience training. We will teach you how to stop problematic behaviors such as jumping, barking, barging out the door, counter surfing and pulling on the leash. We take you through all the phases of training, learning, correcting, proofing and maintenance phase to ensure that your dog will perform reliably every time.


Day Training

You drop your dog with us for a full day of training and get a lesson upon picking up your dog up at the end of the day.


Board & Train

Our Board and Train program is our best program for getting results quickly. You drop off your dog, and we do the work for you! We put in tons of repetitions, that’s what it takes to teach all the behaviors the correct way. We have programs specifically for puppies, for friendly but untrained dogs and for behavioral cases such as aggressive and fearful dogs.

There is no obligation to start working with us after the free phone consultation...

But if you decide that we are a good fit for reaching your training goals... here are a few of ways we can help train your dog:

We understand how busy you are, and that the last thing you want to do is continue scouring the internet for help.

There are a ton of opinions and even more misinformation about effective dog training for you and your unique situation.

Which is why we have completely removed the risk of wasting money or time on training that doesn't yield the results you are looking for.

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